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Your hair is what you eat Make it complete

  • Clinically proven to re-grow hair
  • Exceptional results in 90 days
  • All natural. GMO & gluten free
  • Made in the USA

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Because time and hair-loss wait for no one



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18 Essential nutrients, Zero Side Effects

With just two softgels a day, you can now nourish your locks with the best botanical and nutraceutical ingredients proven to revitalize hair follicles, and promote strong and healthy hair growth. Our proprietary dual complex of PentaPlex™ and TetraPlex™ works with the natural hair growth cycle to deliver safe and speedy results for every hair type. Click play on the video below and learn more of how Aviva can help you.

“What I like about Aviva supplements is that they take a COMPREHENSIVE APPROACH to treating hair that lacks fullness and thickness. Plus Aviva is 100% fish-free and gluten-free.” - Lauren Robinson, cosmetic chemist

Our customers and industry experts agree

Aviva works for everyone!

“Finally a product for hair loss that really works! Within 2 weeks of using this product I could wash my hair and not find an abundance of hair in the drain. I can't live without AVIVA!. - Sarah, NY

Top Dermatologists Recommend Aviva

For increased hair growth, to reduce excess shedding and for overall thicker, fuller and softer strands, I recommend Aviva supplements to my patients. I have seen results in my patients as well as during the clinical research, and how Aviva effectively promotes hair growth while reducing shedding and breakage.

The Aviva supplements program revitalizes the follicle at the root and provides all of the essential nutrients that hair needs to grow long and strong – a drug free and fish free solution for women and men.

- Dr. Gervaise Gerstner,L'Oréal Paris Consulting Dermatologist and Aviva Ambassador

Hair Transformation From Deep

Vitamins and Minerals to Optimize Health

Key nutrients like Biotin, Vitamin B5, Folic Acid, Iron, Zinc and Selenium harmonize cell metabolism, and enzyme and hormone function to provide the healthiest environment for hair follicles.

TetraPlex™ to Turn Back Time

Fatty acids and plant-derived lipids including Pumpkin Seed Oil and Saw Palmetto Berry extract block signals for hair-loss, encourage cell renewal and coax new growth.

Aviva supports every stage of your hair growth cycle


    At any time, up to 80–90% of the hair on your head is in this growth phase. During anagen, hair fibers form through the production of protein and keratin. The hair follicle begins to emerge from its pore, while oil is produced by sebaceous glands.


    Up to 1–2% of your hair is in this phase right now. During catagen, the hair follicle shrinks, a part of it is destroyed, and the dermal papilla (which nourishes the follicle) breaks away to rest and rejuvenate. Catagen can last from 2–3 weeks.


    Up to 15% of your hair is in this phase. During telogen, these hairs do not continue to grow while their nutrient supplier (dermal papilla) is in a resting period. Hair remains in the follicles for about three months, and is gradually shed.

Try Aviva risk-free today!

Because time and hair-loss wait for no one

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The most potent punch to hair loss!

Tested for Safety and Efficacy

Real People Real Study

A 90-day double-blind, randomized, placebo controlled
study was conducted to evaluate the effect of twice-daily administration of Aviva Advanced Hair Nutrition on hair growth and hair quality. Women participating in the study ranged from 31 to 68 years of age. A section of the scalp was photographed before and after treatment to measure effects.

Real Results

After 90 days, women using Aviva improved in every category. New hair growth increased by 23% as compared
to placebo, and as demonstrated by hair counts before and after treatment. Women reported a 50% increase in hair volume, 180% increase in scalp coverage, and 25% decrease
in hairs lost on an average day. There was also a reported increase in hair thickness (15%) and softness (67%).

“These pills don’t smell and they feel smooth. I’ve taken Aviva for 6 months now! Daily hair-fall is less. And it comes back quick, thicker and shiny. It feels amazing!” - Crystal C., 27

Aviva Every Day

Aviva’s proprietary dual complex works with your natural hair growth cycle to stimulate healthy hair growth from within – up to 6mm beneath the scalp’s surface –enriching and enhancing the follicle. As Aviva stimulates and improves the health of your hair follicles, it revitalizes hair for stronger, thicker and more beautiful appearance.

Aviva supplies 18 essential nutrients including Biotin, Vitamin B5, Folic Acid, Iron, Zinc, and Selenium – plus Pumpkin Seed Oil, Ashwagandha, Silica and Horsetail. The exclusively designed formula is GMO-, drug-, fish- and gluten-free.

Your hair is what you eat Make it complete

  • Clinically proven to re-grow hair
  • Exceptional results in 90 days
  • All natural. GMO & gluten free
  • Made in the USA

Try Aviva risk-free today!

Because time and hair-loss wait for no one

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